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How Organic SEO Helps Your Clinic

October 5, 2018

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Why Should You Care About Facebook's Relevancy Score?

July 23, 2018

Would you promote steaks to an audience of vegans? Or beard oil to people without facial hair? No, you'd be missing the mark and burning through your ad spend (your money). This is where the Facebook relevancy score comes in. A higher scores means that you are targeting the correct audience with the right message. 


I've spoken with many clinic owners and business owners who say Facebook Ads do not work. This is hilarious. I always ask them if they understand how Facebook makes money. The answer?Ads. They make billions of dollars from ads. So do the people advertising effectively on their platform.


Have you tried running a Facebook campaign and had little to no results? It isn't fun. The interesting thing is, when I ask business owners who say FB ads don't work what their relevancy score was, I get puzzled looks. They have no idea what I'm talking about. This is part of the reason I started Rethink, most business owners are masters at what they do, but not when it comes to digital and social media marketing. 


The Facebook relevancy score is a topic that is not discussed enough, yet it is one of the most crucial metrics there is when it comes to marketing on the platform. Fortunately, a low relevancy score can be improved. This metric is calculated based on implicit and actual feedback that Facebook expects the ad to receive (both positive and negative). The score is updated as people comment on the ad, like it and click through to your landing page (or not).


Ideally, you want to shoot for a relevancy score of 10. (as the photo below - most of our campaigns run at a 10) A 10 means that you are the top marketer on Facebook in your industry for what you are trying to sell. Although you want to shoot for a 10, I recommend that you go for an 8 and then keep improving. We definitely get strong results from 8's, but 10's = more money in your pocket.


Achieving a high score decreases your cost per click (CPC) and ensures your ads are delivered to your target audience — ahead of competitors with a lower relevance score.


If you want to improve your relevance score, check out the following tips.


1. Be Hyper Specific With Your Targeting To Find Your Niche 


If you want the perfect 10, you have to be extremely specific when it comes to the groups of people you are targeting.


Every profession or niche has their casual fans, but you need to find your fanatics. Those who are passionate about you and what you do. It's critical that you get your message in front of these people if you want a successful campaign. 


The first thing to do is narrow your audience. We recommend between 50,000-200,000 people. But we have had success with over 1,000,000, just not as often. 


2. Split Test


We always have two ads going. A/B testing is key. In sales and marketing you must always be experimenting, otherwise how do you know you're doing your best? 


Try different images and copy with different audiences and take notes as to what is working. Be data driven, this is incredibly important if you want to be successful with Facebook Ads. Learn from your mistakes and successes. 


3. Be Unique


Nowadays, people are flooded with ads on social media, so it's more important than ever to step up and deliver the most creative ad campaigns. 


A diverse range of images and content on your ads makes them more relevant to the user; and the fresher your content, the better your results will be. That means you should test the copy and images—don’t be afraid to change it because ultimately, you’re trying to increase your relevancy score.


Why Should You Care?


A high relevancy score is directly correlated to a lower cost of advertising aka you spend less money to reach more people. What if you could spend $1000 a month and make $40,000 from that? This obviously depends on your product or service, but it's more than possible, I witness it hourly. 


What's the highest relevancy score you've had?


If you're interested in working with a company that averages 10's, contact us at today. 


Are you a physiotherapist or chiropractor looking for social media marketing help, we are excited to announce we are offering our digital marketing assessment free of charge right now. Contact for details.

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