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How Organic SEO Helps Your Clinic

October 5, 2018

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Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices

June 27, 2018




Have you found yourself banging your head against the wall because you need more new patients for your clinic? How many marketing strategies for medical practises have you gone over? How many have worked? A good game plan should be simple and clear. 


Like all businesses, medical practises need to have a marketing strategy in place. The amount of clinic owners who don't even know their growth rate, let alone have a plan in place, is amazing. Medical website marketing is only one part of your overall strategy. When starting a clinic, you are an entrepreneur, so you need to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. Clinic marketing can be really fun once you get the hang of it. Here are some tips to get you started:


1. Upgrade your website. 


It's scary that some clinics don't even have a website. If you don't care about growth, maybe this is ok. But if you want to appear legitimate to potential new patients, you need a website. If you have a website and haven't redesigned it in years, same goes for you. You need to keep up to date and ensure your website is responsive. Does it look great on smartphones, tablets, AND laptops? 


2. Invest In Your SEO


When you are looking for a product or service, do you search through the yellow pages or do you Google the product or service? When I'm looking for a dentist in Toronto, I google it. And so do you. You want to .be one of the top results when someone searches for your services. The majority of patient leads go to the top three clinics on Google. Are you publishing multiple blogs per month that contain the correct keywords? Are you building backlinks every month? If you don't have time, it's time to hire someone. Reach out to us. 


3. The Ultimate Patient In Clinic Experience 


So many clinic owners spend their time complaining that there are so many other clinics. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to deliver an amazing experience whenever someone enters your clinic. From the information you have on your website to the way your front desk greets people when they walk in, every single interaction matters, a lot. 


When is the last time you audited your front desk for friendliness?  If your front desk is not welcoming when someone calls or walks in, you are losing patient leads. 


4. Provide Costs For Procedures on Your Website


Patients want to know the price before they come into your clinic. By providing pricing information on your website, you will weed out the tire kickers. Research shows, price-aware patients are 41 percent more likely to go for procedures than non-price aware patients.


5. Create a Brand


Building a brand is equally important for all businesses, including health and wellness clinics. Focus on posting relevant content on your blog, social media, and industry journals. This not only improves your online reputation, it will also position you as a thought leader within your space. 


6. Utilize Google Reviews


So you have tons of happy patients who love you, right? Any time someone mentions how happy they are with your services, ask them to go leave a review on Google to help you out. People love helping people they like, especially if you've just helped them. If your practise starts showing a lot of positive Google reviews, you will start showing up on local search results. 


7. Build Relevant Citations


Citations are a crucial factor in deciding who shows up on local search results.The most popular medical-specific citations where you can add your practice are Health Grades and Zoc Doc. The more citations you create, the better you will rank in search engines and the more patients you will attract.


8. Start Using Video


Since health and wellness related content can be very time consuming to read, a quick 2 minute video can be very effective in getting your point across. In this day and age, people expect video. Look to YouTube's popularity if you need proof. Many medical clinics that we meet with are really excited about video, you should be too. 


9. Email Marketing Is Mandatory 


Do you send email reminders to your patients? Do you keep them update to date with a monthly newsletter? Use email to remind patients of their appointment, if they haven't visited you in a long time, and you will notice result very quickly. over 90% of marketers count email marketing as their most effective marketing tool. 


10. Encourage Patient Referrals 


The best patient leads will come from patient referrals. You need to start asking each and every patient for referrals. Create a referral program and make it fun and rewarding for them. If you're getting 30 new patients per month from Google, imagine if each one of them referred you a nw patient? Welcome to the growth train.


11. Create a Google My Business


If you haven't done this already, do it right now. It takes a couple minutes. It's free, easy, and very effective.It is also important that you be signed up on review sites like Healthgrades, RateMDs, Vitals and ZocDoc as having positive reviews will all help you improve your online presence as well.


12. Put Time Into Social Media Marketing


Marketing is all about getting in front of potential clients or patients. Your potential patients are all on social media now. Instagram is our most powerful lead generation tool when it comes to social media, but the others are also very effective. Do you want to attract new mothers? Try Pinterest. Do you want people who love the news? Try Twitter. If your clinic isn't on social media, prepare to fall behind your competition. 


13. Have Your Marketing Pyramid Outlined


What we mean by this is have your website, SEO, and Social Media Marketing all running full speed. When creating a marketing strategy for a dental clinic last week, I notice that their website was 5 years old. A new website was the first thing we created for them. But now you need to feed the website with traffic. This is where SEO and Social Media Marketing come in. 


This is just the start. Which of these tips have you tried? 

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