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October 5, 2018

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10 Ways to Attract New Patients With Employee Wellness Programs

May 31, 2018



This topic comes up frequently when speaking with clinic owners. It seems that most want to tap into the employee wellness market, but don't really know how. A large employer within your community is an excellent target for attracting new patients and cases to your clinic. But where do you start? Well, here are 10 ways you can start attracting new patients from nearby companies.


Almost every clinic owner has a mental list of businesses or companies that they would love to work with. The first thing you need to do is actually write this list down! Get it out of your mind, it's time to make your goals/dreams into reality. This will be your starting list of businesses within your community that will become sources of new patients for you.


You may already being working with employees from some of these companies and you would love to bring in more for obvious reasons. They are of the perfect demographic for you, gainfully employed, families, or young singles. 


There might be more than one reason for wanting to attract more of these people and there may be more than one dream company that you'd like to work with. The idea is that you have identified a group of select people that you would like to start attracting more of to your clinic. 


A Powerful Patient Lead Channel


As I said, let's start by writing out your mental list of dream companies that you'd like to work with and put it to paper. Some of these company names will be top of mind, and the Executive Director of XYZ Company might be a member of your local Rotary Club. Take the time to check with the local chamber or business development group to identify the bigger and/or better businesses in your practice area. This will amaze you as to what you may find ;)


Do NOT forget to speak with your entire staff about this, they will probably have great ideas and connections through friends, family, and social acquaintances to help you grow your list.


Here are 10 ideas to help you get started in your quest to build out this new patient lead channel;


1. Talk with existing patients from the company to point you in the right direction to the right decision maker. 

This may seem obvious, but you probably haven't done so yet. It could be the CEO or the Human Resources Manager, the key is to discuss the benefits you provide to BOTH the employer and employees. 


2. Book a meeting with that person to discuss opportunities to present talks, participate in health conferences or appropriate employee activities such as a “lunch-and-learn” presentation.


3. Create posters for company bulletin boards which show educational content, health and wellness information, promote specific events such as the “lunch-and-learn,” or it could feature a special landing page for your work with the company. 


4. Offer to write informative articles for the corporate newsletter.

This is usually an area that has huge opportunity. Most people don't do it correctly. But if you make your content interesting and full of VALUE, you will find this to be a great way to get patient leads. 


5. Create a special landing page on your website specifically for employees of this company. Include text and pictures that relate to this group, and include a special offer  for them. Ask patients from that company for referrals and send them a link to the landing page.


6. If the company is large enough, put a portion of your marketing budget towards targeting them. The most effective way will be through social media and Google. But post cards and some older tactics may work as well. 


7. Create and distribute brochures in common areas within the business. Be sure to include the special offer that is specifically for employees of that company.


8. Is there any opportunity for your employees to meet with their employees? You could organize a tour of their office (and for them to check out your practise). This is a great networking tool.


9. Depending on your specialty, consider conducting ergonomic evaluations, work hardening programs, anger management classes, women’s health classes, fitness programs, eye safety, wellness programs, expectant mother programs, etc. You get the idea.


10. Speak with your marketing team/agency. If you don't have one, contact support@rethinksocialmedia.ca and fix that ;)


As you can see, all it takes is some strategy creation and effort. If a particular company is of interest to you, target them with a specific message. Show them WHY you consider them worthy of special attention. Give them a reason to contact you via your special offer. Most importantly, show them why your clinic or practise is uniquely capable of helping them. 


Which of these ideas have you tried? What as worked? 




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