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How Organic SEO Helps Your Clinic

October 5, 2018

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How To Market a Clinic - Part 1

May 29, 2018



Have you ever Googled to find the top clinic in your area? Ever wondered how they got to the top? How many new patients are they attracting through their doors each week from being at the top? 


These are questions we ask clinic owners every day. Most have wondered, but have no idea how they can get a piece of this pie. There are so many seo companies out there ripping people off. Spewing out jargon, when it reality SEO is actually not that complicated. It just requires a lot of work. Work that is definitely worth investing it.


So in 2018, how do you effectively market a clinic/business? The answer is online. 


Whenever I ask a clinic owner, "Where do your new patients come from?" Most will answer, "word of mouth" and then maybe they get 1-2 new patients per week from Google/Social Media. This is a problem if you actually want that business to grow. It may grow, but at a snail's pace. One of the reasons for me starting this business was that I was consulting with clinic owners and found that many wanted to grow their business, but they were lost. 


The three areas that I decided to focus on were website design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. This is the most powerful trio in growth. Unless you have people cold calling potential patients, but I'm not sure I'd recommend this. There is no better feeling than having inbound leads. I love it waking up and seeing a bunch of leads that came in over the night. People are actually searching you out and contacting you! It's great. 


Why website design? Most clinic's have shitty websites or they're severely outdated. Don't believe me? Google "chiropractor <insert your city here>" or dentist or whatever you want. This is massive opportunity for both you and I. If your competition has a terrible looking website, they are probably leaking leads. Bad website design makes you look unprofessional, like you don't invest in yourself. Is this the impression you want to give potential new patients?


Why SEO? SEO has been such a huge opportunity for us. So many clinic owners have been burnt by companies who have no idea what they're doing. I met one clinic owner last week in Ajax, Canada who is paying $1500 a month. All he is paying for is Google Ad Words. How many new patients is he getting per week? 1. Yes, ONE. This is brutal. But also a massive opportunity in my eyes. So what if he spends a bit more with us and we get him to the top of Google in the next 8-10 months? How many new patients per week do you think he will be getting? (Ajax sees around 800 searches per month for "Chiropractor Ajax", That's some delicious revenue.


Lastly, why Social Media? Well, this is where it all began. Social is such a hot topic now. It's sexy. But most people are doing it wrong. It blows me away that so many clinic owners still don't believe that it will get them business. For us, Instagram gets us many leads every single day. People find our content informative and they reach out because they need help or want to grow their clinic. A few years ago I saw social media as a huge opportunity for business and this has proven correct. Not only will social media help you build your online brand and attract new patients, it also compliments and helps your SEO strategy. 


This is part one of my How To Market A Clinic series. If you have any questions or topics that you'd like covered, leave a comment or toss us a message. 


So what has been your biggest challenge with your clinic's marketing?

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