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How Organic SEO Helps Your Clinic

October 5, 2018

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Social Media Marketing For Physiotherapy Clinics

May 23, 2018



Social media marketing has become a hot topic, you could say it's not on fire. But many clinic owners still don't believe in its power. Many have been burnt by shitty marketing agencies or they tried it on their own and gave up. Social media marketing for physiotherapists along with SEO and strategic website design lead to a strong new patient lead channel. 


The first thing you need to do is approach social media marketing with the proper mindset. Do not expect perfection right away. Great marketing takes time. And failure. Failure is a natural part of success. Sales and marketing is all about experimenting and trying new things. Here at Rethink Social, when we run ad campaigns for clients or ourselves, we constantly have a minimum of 2 ads going. Otherwise, how do you know how you're doing?


Social Media Marketing For Physiotherapy Tips


1. What are your goals?


It scares me when I hear a clinic owner freeze at the question; "What are your marketing goals?". But then I realize why our Founder started this company. You as a health care or wellness professional probably didn't get into your line of work to become a great marketer. You want to help people, rehab them, make them feel better, and return to their best self. But that's no excuse to not have goals. How many new patients per week do you want from social media marketing? How many from your SEO work? Start with 1-2 and work your way up, increasing each month. 


Questions to help you define your social media marketing strategy;


- What sets you apart from your competition? Yes this is a community, but ultimately, the clinic across the street is your competition. 

- Do you have any staff members that are not as busy as you'd like them to be?

- What do you want to educate the public on? What are you passionate about?

- Who are your word of mouth referrers? 


Once you have a clear understanding of your goals and what you want to accomplish, you may now proceed to build out your strategy. 


2. Understand who your ideal patient (customer) is.


Understanding who you want to attract is very important. Some clinics want to attract young athletes, some the general public, etc. Where do you fit in? This will help you gear your content strategy towards the correct audience. 


Knowing your ideal customer will allow you to choose the correct social media platforms to invest in, which hashtags to use, and more. Spend time working on your patient profile and give this some thought. Just doing that exercise alone will put you ahead of 99% of the clinics out there.


3. Start small and do not give up


It's sad how many clinics give up on social media. So many non-believers. We view this as a positive though. It makes it easier for our customers (and YOU) to stand out and attracts patients that most clinic owners are ignoring. Social media marketing gives you access to millions of potential patients. And you get to choose which ones you'd like to come through your doors.


If you are one of those "I don't have time" people (this really just means you don't feel it's worth your time), then start with 1-2 posts per week. Ideally, you work towards 5 posts per week. Social media and SEO is all about content. Keep pumping out consistent and exceptional content and good things will happen, I promise.


4. Choose the correct social media platforms


For physiotherapy, we usually recommend starting with Facebook and Instagram. Instagram offers the highest engagement among all social media channels. For our company, it's also the most powerful lead generator out of all social media platforms. 


Once you decide who your perfect patients are, now you can choose where to invest your time and energy. Young athletes? You better believe they're on Instagram. Young mothers? I bet they're pinning up a storm on Pinterest ;) 


5. Focus on original and quality content


Many clinic owners think that reposting other people's content is the best way to go. But all you're really doing is building that other person's brand. Reposting the odd exceptional post is ok, but don't make this a habit. 


People look to you as the expert. Are you the sports med guy/gal? Are you the pelvic floor specialist? Focus on your passions and strengths. This will help you separate yourself from all the noise. 


If Instagram is one of your platforms of choice, it's imperative to use original, high quality images and video. If you're not comfortable doing video, it's time to step outside your comfort zone. Social media marketing in 2018 is all about video. People love the personal touch. 


Social Media Marketing Do Nots


1. Avoiding social media marketing because "my college told me we can't"


Our outbound sales team hears this multiple times per day. Clinic owners who are afraid to try social media because they don't want to break the rules of their college or regulatory body. 


You DO NOT need to avoid social media. Spend 30 minutes researching what your regulatory body requires.For example, Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association put together a social media practice guideline2 with the following highlights:


- Maintain and protect the privacy, security and confidentiality of client info, while assuming all online content is public

- Maintain professional boundaries by not initiating personal online contact with clients

- Remain consistent and proactive in the management of requests from clients for online communicationKeep personal and professional profiles separate and distinct

- Consider a professional disclaimer and maintain secure privacy settings as they can change oftenAvoid disparaging remarks about clients, colleagues, educators, mentors, etc.


Focus on education and quality information. This allows you as a physiotherapist to position yourself as a thought leader within your area and ultimately, globally. Talk about bringing value to yourself and your profession as a whole. Brand build has never been easier.


2. Using Social Media To Sell Only


People love to buy, but hate to be sold to. It's such a massive turn off when a clinic has nothing but posts that are blatantly selling their services. Are you afraid of giving away free information? Get over it. Gary Vee is a prime example. Gary constantly gives away free and extremely valuable information. Is his business suffering? Hardly. As a general rule, follow the 80/20 rule. Post 80% informative and educational content and 20% selling your services. Anything more than 20% and your patient engagement will go away. 


3. Avoiding Ads


Why do people think that ads don't work? Because they are either closed minded or failed and decided to quit. Don't be either of these. Social Media Marketing ads are a very powerful lead generator. Never before in the history of marketing have you been able to do hyper targeted ads for such low cost. 


If you're investing time into Facebook and not doing ads, you are completely wasting your time. Their new algorithm has made this so. 


Have you tried any of these tips? What works for you? 


If you have questions or need help, contact us today at