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How Organic SEO Helps Your Clinic

October 5, 2018

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5 Ways To Boost Your SEO as a Home Care Provider

May 9, 2018




As an in-home care provider, your entire business is built around trust. Clients trust you in their homes, with their health, and they trust you to take care of them in many ways. Everything you put out as a brand, either takes away from or builds this trust. This includes your website, social media, and overall online presence. 


The next part of this equation is finding the right customers for your business. The good news is these people are already looking for you! Searching via google, stumbling across Facebook pages, etc. By giving them the information they need and making your business easily found via Google searches, you will be well on your way to growth.


In order to accomplish this, you must ensure that your website ranks well in search engines, but how do you do this? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Read on to find out why this is so important to your business. If you're ready to get started on SEO reach out to us at .




What is SEO?


SEO is the term used to describe all of the strategies you use to increase your site’s rankings in the results of search engines like Google. When you rank well for searches related to your industry and the specific services you provide, you have a better chance of reaching more potential clients and their families (potential decision makers).


Why is SEO important to home health care?


SEO is super important for in-home health care for the reasons we mentioned above, your business is built on trust. When is the last time you found a business via the YellowPages? Everything is done via Google these days. 


People want to know that you are a reputable company, what to expect from in-home health care, and they also want to see reviews and testimonials from other people you have helped. Google Reviews are incredibly important to your success as a home health care provider.


SEO tips for home care

SEO for in-home care involves many different strategies and ideas, but these tips will help you get started:


1. Increase your website load speed


User experience is a big part of SEO for in home health care. Google wants to deliver the best experience for customers and this means showing websites that are user friendly and fast loading.


This is one of the fastest ways to boost your SEO. Many experts believe 5 seconds is the sweet spot you should be looking for. There are many speed test tools available for free online.


2. Keyword Research


This is where it all starts, keyword research for home care. What search terms are your potential customers using to find you? Once you figure this out, you now need to insert these keywords into your website and blog. 


Here are some resources to get you started on your keyword research:


  • Google search bar. If you begin typing search terms in Google, it will provide you with popular longtail keywords, which might be useful for your SEO strategy. This is a fast and easy way to pinpoint some popular search terms.

  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool. If you use Google’s paid advertising product, you can check your search queries to determine the effectiveness of your keywords.

  • Visit our website and sign up for a free evaluation



Now that you've figured out which words to use, you want to naturally sprinkle them across your website.


3. Optimize each page individually


If you optimize every page on your website, you will make it easier for the search engines to crawl and rank them. There are many opportunities to optimize your pages, such as:

  • URLs

  • Title tags

  • Body content

  • Image alt text

  • Meta descriptions

Choose unique keywords for each page on your site, and optimize these elements accordingly. However, be sure to only use them where they fit naturally — avoid keyword stuffing, as it will only hurt your SEO efforts.


4. Create content that people want to share


Business that have blogs, get 97% more inbound links, but most in health care and wellness ignore their blog. If you don't have an active blog, you need to start now. You're losing more business than you can even imagine. 


Offer something interesting. People who are interested in home care, are probably interested in other similar topics. Think about why someone needs home care, what causes them to require your services? Write about these topics. Remember to push out fresh content regularly, old and stale content will get you nowhere.


Post about your premium services. Catch peoples attention. Build value and trust. Position yourself as a thought leader within your area.



5. Have reviews and testimonials


88% of people online trust online reviews as much as they would a referral from a friend. Do not ignore this. Create and execute on a strategy for collecting as many online reviews as possible and never stop.


Are You Ready To Get Started?


For most clinic and business owners, launching their SEO campaign isn't easy or simple. If you would like to launch a successful SEO campaign for your business, contact us today!