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How Organic SEO Helps Your Clinic

October 5, 2018

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How to Use Marketing Psychology to Attract More Business

May 8, 2018


Every single day, when you look around your world you are inundated with various choices. We live in a world of perceived unlimited choice, from food to romance to business. Should I get an americano or latte? Maybe I should go see the new Avengers movie or I'll just sit in and binge the latest Netflix doc. There is much research into how our minds make these decisions, with many very interesting books being published in recent years. It's no big surprise that marketers and business people have greatly embraced psychology to increase their revenue.


One of the most critical metrics that we as marketers look at is conversions. I can't tell you how many times one of our team members meets a clinic owner who says something like "Yeah, I tried social media marketing..." or "hmm I tried SEO many years ago..." , "...but the leads were of terrible quality!" or "..but we didn't get a single lead.". The answer is simple. Your website or landing page is bad. When you direct a potential patient to your site, they are consciously and subconsciously evaluating your content, before they take the bait and book with you. The mind is fullof biases and influences, you need to understand this when taking your business to the next level of growth.


This makes it clear that any clinic or business owner who wants to grow needs to understand the basics behind decision making. What triggers a potential new patient lead to contact you? Once you understand this, you are now armed with knowledge to create extremely persuasive and high converting designs. So what should you know? Oh, good question ;)


#1 Color Theory


We will discuss creating content for the mind shortly, but first, let's talk about color. Studies show that 62-90% of brand assessment (whether I am going to like your clinic's online presence) is based on colors alone. Knowing this fact, that colors can influence a patient's perception of your brand, you must be very careful about what color choices you make with your website/landing pages. You want to achieve two things here; 1. colors that are pleasing to the eye and 2. appealing to the mind. Get this wrong, and patients will perceive you as cheap, unprofessional, and will look to the clinic down the street.


You must also know that there is any single color that is best to maximize the conversions on your page. For example, we have found clinic websites with orange against a contrasting background. This is known as the Isolation Effect. This color theory tells us that anything that stands out will get maximum attention and be remembered. Don't let your own color preferences ruin this for you. Blue,for example, is one of the most preferred colors around the world. Check out Paypal for a great exhibit of this. 



#2 The Psychology of Pleasure


Humans instinctively pursue anything that gives us happiness and pleasure. When creating your website, landing pages, and most other content, keep this in mind. By focusing on your potential patient's quintessential pursuit of happiness, you will start converting and attracting many more leads. If you confuse, annoy, or overwhelm/underwhelm them, the opposite is true. They will book with the clinic down the street. So, how do you make your potential patients happy?


Be clear about your value proposition


Most business owners think they need to go on and on about themselves, when that isn't what your patients care about. People want to know "What's in it for me?" If you don't answer this clearly, you will lose precious leads. 


Keep your page clean, simple, and have a clear call to action. 


Attract people with social proof


Psychology tells us that when someone isn't sure of how to act, they will naturally look for help from other people. This is called social proof. People want other people to assure them that they are making  smart decision. This is why we, and many other websites, utilize testimonials from customers that have had an exceptional experience. 


Keep load times low


One more quick note in this area, keep your website and landing page loading times low. People expect a quick experience. If your site takes forever to load for a potential patient, they probably won't wait. Make them happy and fix this issue ;)


#3 Cognitive Fluency


The mind hates confusion. In business, if someone is confused, they will tell you that they "need to think about it." 


Keep things simple. Simple headlines, simple descriptions, simple everything. How easy is it to process the information that you're presenting? The easier it is to understand your content, the quicker your potential lead will make a decision (aka book a visit with you or buy your product!)


1. Keep your website content SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE


How easy is it for a potential client to understand your main headline? How clearly do you explain the benefits of what you sell?


Your headline states your value proposition. It essentially prompts your potential client to read more. 


Next, how clear is your CTA (Call To Action)? Having a clear "contact us" is very important. Check out and count the CTA's and notice how clear they are. If someone has to search for it and it isn't crystal clear, you are losing business.


2. Keep your content flow logical


Have you ever noticed how some websites chunk information? They break it into digestible parts so that the mind can process what the seller wants to get across much more effectively. Persuasive writing requires simplicity. The easier it is to read, the more leads you will convert.



3. Don't underestimate font


Your copy must be perfect, otherwise your potential client will end up with someone else. If your letters are too close together or the sizing is off, it will turn people off. (Make sure to check how it looks on both your laptop AND phone) 



#4 Reciprocity 


The first book I read on persuasion was Robert Cialdini's masterpiece, The Art of Influence. In it he says "An act of kindness will be well received and the recipient will, in turn, be compelled to return the favor. 


Free e-books, whitepapers, etc. You give a little, you get a little. Throw some value at your customer and make their life better. For inbound marketing, this is king. You want some leads? Create some valuable content and start collecting email address and/or phone numbers today.


#5 Loss Aversion 


Psychology tells us that losses terrify us. We will do ANYTHING to avoid them. As soon as we feel loss coming, we come up with an action to keep loss at bay. This is a powerful marketing tool when doing video and e-books or whitepapers. Give your prospect a TASTE. Don't give away the farm. Wet their appetite and make them need more. If you are selling a service or product, a free trial is a great way to use the loss aversion strategy. 


#6 Conversion Scent


Are you running social media ads and getting traffic to your website, but your funnel is still empty? Maybe you are lacking consistency. Maybe you are offering a free consultation, but on your website, it makes no mention of this. An easy way to address this is to create individual landing pages for various offers. Want to offer $10 off a massage? Create a single landing page for this. Free 15 minute consultation? New landing page! The more effective your page, the more leads you will get. 


Want to know how you're doing? Book a free marketing assessment with our team now.