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How Organic SEO Helps Your Clinic

October 5, 2018

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6 Instagram Story Tools To Make Your Clinic Stand Out

May 3, 2018


Instagram stories have taken the social media world by storm. You have definitely seen them or maybe even used them. As fun as Superzoom and Boomerang are, Stories offer something special. And with the swipe up feature, you now have a very powerful lead generation tool. 


We are forever scanning for tools to make our posts and stories more snazzy so that they stand out. Have fun with these!


1. Easil

Easil is awesome.


It’s a web-based graphic design tool. You may think it's just another Canva when you first see it. But you'll soon realize the power of this app.


They even have a built in Instagram Stories feature. 


You can browse the different layouts they have and keep adding, this makes it easy to get some inspiration for your stories that day. 



All you need to do is change the text, photos and colour scheme to match your own brand. It’s easy to use and the end product looks awesome.


How much?

It has a free version, but we’d recommend the Plus version which is $7.50 per month.


2. Inshot

Do you ever feel rushed when trying to edit video snaps within Instagram stories. This happens to us all the time.  You don't want your content to look rushed. So what should you do?


Inshot helps you make creative video elements you can upload to your Instagram stories later. You can add text, emoji and animated gifs in the same way you can in Instagram itself.


How does it stand out? You can choose when you want those elements to appear in your video, there are some nice filters, effects and editing features.


When starting out with Inshot use the 9:16 Canvas to get Instagram Story sized clips.


Download Inshot for Android or iPhone.


How much?

You can use Inshot for free but it comes with ads, a watermark and limited filters. Get the pro version for a few dollars per month if that bothers you.


3. Flipagram

Don't you hate that you can’t clip your videos in Instagram stories. Ever notice how funny your face looks at the end of your clips?


I’d also like to create fast-moving images and videos cut together within one clip. It could stop people tapping quickly on to the next snap (This is particularly useful for Instagram story ads).

Flipagram does all of this. You can top and tail your clips one second at a time. Speed them up. Slow them down. Add effects. Cut together multiple images and videos into one clip.


This is the easiest multi-platform editing tool out there.


How much?

Flipagram is free for the basic version. Upgrade to lose the watermark for a couple dollars.


4. Planoly

There are days when I leave the office with a story in mind. Then I forget, I totally forget to create it. You could set a reminder on your phone or you could use Planoly.


The big feature here is story scheduling. It lets you pre-plan your Instagram feed. You can drag-and-drop images to make sure it’s on brand and looks great.


But scheduling stories is its killer feature. I can upload my first story element on my laptop. When my head is full of work and has forgotten about Instagram altogether, it will send me a reminder and that first snap to post.


Even if it’s just a title card created in Easil, this will remind you to create once other work matters have invaded your mind.


How much?

Planoly also has scheduling for regular Instagram posts. It’s free to use but you are limited to images only and 30 uploads unless you upgrade for $7 a month.


5. Cutstory

Sometimes I don’t have time to pick up my phone, open Instagram and then worry about my 15 seconds running out. Instead, I open the camera app and shoot knowing I can upload it later.


Cutstory, snips videos into 15-second clips you can upload, one at a time to your story.


You could also use it to share a snippet from your YouTube video encouraging people to visit your channel to watch the whole thing.


6. Animatron Wave

This is the Rolls Royce of Instagram Story tools. If you want to create more professional looking videos, this is for you.


Animatron Wave is a premium web-based tool and it’s feature rich.


You can start with their pre-designed templates or you can create your own.


There’s an Instagram story template built in, yay! After choosing the template use their stock videos (Many are free but you’ll need to pay to license some prettier one) or upload your own.

Next add animated text overlays, music and you’ll get a slick video. I created just one stock video element and a text overlay and the result looked pretty professional. 


How much?

Wave is a subscription service starting at $39 a month. You get a 10% discount if you use this link to purchase. 


What tools do you use for Instagram stories? Are you a purist relying on the inbuilt tools or do you like to have fun with apps?


I’d love to know how you get on with these tools. I’d also love to hear your recommendations so I can add them to my list.



Rethink Social specializes in social media marketing, SEO, and website design for chiropractors, physiotherapists, medical doctors, massage therapists, and many other health care and wellness professionals. 

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