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How Organic SEO Helps Your Clinic

October 5, 2018

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Instagram Ad Tips To Save You Major Embarrassment

May 22, 2018


Instagram is increasingly following suit with parent company Facebook and transforming itself into a pay-to-play platform for advertisers and brands.


Social media managers and businesses that wanna get noticed have next to no choice but to pay for Instagram ads. Marketers are finding it harder than ever to reach their audience. 


Don’t get me wrong– advertising on Instagram is still a great way to promote your business to a highly targeted audience, but it’s also an easy way to waste your marketing budget if you don't know what you're doing. What gets published out needs to be exceptional and visually striking enough to get noticed, and promote audience engagement.


The good news? You can easily beat out 80-90% of your competitors Instagram ads by avoiding common pitfalls. I still receive ads for physio clinics on the other side of the country. Unreal.


People don't go on Instagram to be sold to. People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy. It's critical that you make your ad look unobtrusive. It needs to blend seamlessly into their feed. As more and more businesses are ramping up their Instagram activity and ad spend, it’s imperative that they create meaningful and lighter content that their audience wants to see.


It’s so important for every brand to have a solid strategy and visual identity established before considering creating any Instagram ads.


Ask yourself:


  • What are your brand’s business objectives that you want to achieve through social?

  • What are the key target audience insights? What will make your audience tick?

  • What are the platform’s features and how do people want to consume content from brands like yours?










For me, aesthetic is everything when it comes to Instagram. The whole reason people love Instagram is the fact that it’s visual first, text second.


Instagram Advertiser Must Nots


There is nothing worse than seeing typos in ads, but unfortunately, I see these everyday. 


As well, if you have a clinic in British Columbia, serving BC residents in a specific community, don't waste your ad spend targeting people all over Canada. Be SPECIFIC and TARGETED,


It should feel completely native and on brand. I tend to avoid using stock or product imagery– lifestyle and editorial style images tend to work best with subtle product placements.



Using Video To Advertise on Instagram


Videos are becoming more and more popular on social media. 100 million hours of video is viewed every single day on Facebook alone, so you need to be invested in this. But it's important to mix it up. If a clinic only uses video for everything, their content becomes stale fast. A well-executed image can be just as effective. If you’re going to do video make sure it’s done well.


The DO And DON’Ts of Advertising on Instagram.

Create ads that inspire your audience instead of just selling to it.
Make your ad feel organic and blend seamlessly with your audience’s feed.
Create meaningful and light-hearted content that people want to see.
Advertise strategically and establish a clear brand visual identity before you make your first ad.
Know your goals, know your audience, know the platform.
Make content that puts images front and center– esthetic is everything!
Use lifestyle and editorial style imagery with subtle product placement.
Tailor your content to Instagram specifically.
Have a mix of content types in your ads.
Proof-read your copy before you hit publish.

Hard sell your products.
Make intrusive content.
Use stock images or packshot style product images.
Cross-publish ads straight from Facebook campaigns.
Use heavily branded visuals.
Just use videos or images– focus on a healthy mix of both and test the results 
Make video ads that suck just for the sake of it.


Which ideas have you tried? How many leads per week are you getting from Instagram?





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