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October 5, 2018

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8 Tips To Create Captivating Content That Converts New Patients

February 2, 2018





8 Tips  To Create Captivating Content That Converts New Patients


There are many ways that you can create content to promote your clinic and your services. You can blog, create podcasts, use social media, the list is never-ending. So, where should I start?

The question that you must ask yourself, is how do I create content that really sells you and your team?


1.Come Up With An Eye-Catching Title

Before anything, you need a title that will catch your target audience's attention. 

Use your title to address a problem or pain that your potential patients may be having and show them that you have the answer.

Also, avoid click bait type bullshit that doesn't relate to your title. If you do this, your readers will click away immediately.


70% of Facebook users only read the headline of an article before clicking away. Look at the title of this blog post. If this content wasn't actually helping you understand the type of content that you should be posting, you would have clicked away in the first paragraph, or sooner.


2. Put Your Most Important Information First


Our attention spans are non existent, people scan information non stop. Remember, put your most interesting and important information first and foremost to grab their attention. 


For example, if you're noticing that a lot of clients or patients are experiencing neck pain caused by constantly looking at their phones, you could put something like "Feel pain in your neck? Try this to ease the pain in minutes!"


3. Proofread Your Work


Every area of your website,blog, and social channels need to be proofread consistently and BEFORE it goes online. 


As health care and wellness professionals, you're held to a higher standard of professionalism. Every interaction, in-clinic or on-line, impacts how your patients perceive you. 


If you have errors on your landing page or website, you will convert less new patients, plain and simple. Look over your work every time you publish new content and you should notice an increase in conversions.


4. Do Video


If you haven't noticed already, video is taking over the world of content. 

And the good news is, there are a ton of ways to use video to drive conversions. Here are just a few:

- Live stream video on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram Live
- Use video to address the doubters who are skeptical of the benefits of your services.
- Partner with influencers in your area to spread the word about your brand through video. Examples - popular athletes, bloggers, etc.
- Use video on website pages to increase conversions.


5. Use Online Tools To Help You Create Awesome Content That Converts


Now that you've practiced and consistently delivered great content, it's time to make the process easier and less time consuming for you. There are tons of tools at your disposal, here are a few examples:



 Copyblogger: This resource is packed full of information on how to create good copy, so you can write content that converts.

Via Writing:


6. Use Words They Know


You're probably really smart and enjoy using fancy words and health care jargon. This is good for your time as a clinician, but it's time to lose them when you put on your marketing hat. 


Using jargon will cost you money in the long run as potential patients and clients will not understand or relate to you. 


You want to use simpler words, as they'll lower the barrier to entry to your content.

Keep the jargon out, too. If a reader doesn't understand what you're saying, then they're not going to stick around.


7. Demonstrate Proof And Expertise


If you've ever watched a late night infomercial, you know exactly how this works.


Do you want your audience nodding along or nodding off while they read your content?


Demonstrate proof and expertise and your audience will begin to trust you. In business, sales, and in life, trust is everything. 


You can accomplish this through story telling or showing empathy to your target audience.

Any proof that shows that you know what you're talking to will go a long way to painting you as an expert. And THAT is what this is all about. You want to become a thought leader.


Another way to do this is to show awards and accomplishments that speak to your expertise. Do this plus create exceptional content and you are well on your way.


8. Have A Call To Action


No matter what you're writing about or doing, you will want your readers to take action on it.

Your call to action will show your readers exactly what they need to do next, whether that's downloading your manual therapy or stretching e-book or simply sharing the content with others. 


Simply writing "Please SHARE with your friends and family if you found this helpful" can go a long way to helping you expand your reach and network. 


In The End


Your main goal is to provide as much value as possible. Many clinic owners complain that there are too many other clinics and competitors. Speak to what makes you stand out, what is your expertise? 


Which of these tips have you tried to boost your clinic's content effectiveness?






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